Course curriculum

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    Multipliers Online Round Table - 16 October 2021

    • Exponential Australia Multipliers Round Table

    • Download the full Church Growth, Decline, Planting and Multiplication in Australia Report prepared by NCLS for Exponential Australia

    • Download All Speakers Notes Here

    • Welcome and Introduction - Edi Stephenson and Tim O'Neill of Exponential Australia

    • Keys to Becoming a Church Planting Church - Richard Green

    • Church Planter Interview - Sonya and Mohit Sampson

    • How to Discover the Church Planters in Your Church - Gary Hourigan

    • Tips to Gathering a Core Team - Ken Kamau Talks with Tim O'Neill

    • Church Planter Interview - Esther and Anton Scott

    • The Emerging Micro Church Revolution - Bree Mills

    • Church Planting Pitfalls To Avoid - Andrew Ranucci

    • Final Comments - Tim O'Neill, Exec Chair of Exponential Australia

    • Speaker Profiles